The Legend of KISS Guy: Yayo Sanchez’s Epic Moment with Foo Fighters

Yayo Sanchez, famously dubbed “KISS Guy” by Dave Grohl, became an instant legend during a Foo Fighters concert in Austin, Texas on April 18, 2018. His unforgettable moment came when he was pulled from the audience to perform on stage, all while donned in Gene Simmons’ iconic “The Demon” face paint.

The name “KISS Guy” stemmed from his bold choice of makeup, reminiscent of the legendary rock band KISS. Initially, Sanchez caught Grohl’s attention by holding up a sign asking to play “Monkeywrench,” a popular Foo Fighters track. Despite being told to lower his sign during the show, his persistence paid off when Grohl engaged with him, verifying if he was wearing a mask or paint. Upon confirming it was paint, Grohl enthusiastically exclaimed, “Hell yeah, I can f#ck with you Kiss Guy!”

Once on stage, Sanchez not only played the guitar but played it so impressively that he caused Grohl to momentarily forget the lyrics. This stellar performance earned him high praise from the band and the crowd alike. Just days after his iconic performance, it was reported that Sanchez, who had been introduced to KISS by his father at age nine, had previously jammed with other music greats like Slash and Billy Gibbons.

Watch the video below to see KISS Guy, Yayo Sanchez, rocking out with Foo Fighters and witness why Dave Grohl hailed him as the best audience member ever to join them on stage.