Foo Fighters’ Unforgettable Jam Session with a Fan in Croatia

During a concert in Pula Arena, Croatia, the Foo Fighters shared a remarkable moment with a fan named Richard Greenbury. Spotted in the crowd with a sign that read, “Taylor if you need a break, I can drum?” Greenbury was invited by lead singer Dave Grohl to join the band on stage.

To everyone’s astonishment, the English drummer delivered a rock-solid performance of the Foo Fighters’ hit “Wheels,” showcasing his impressive skills. Even Grohl, a renowned rock drummer himself, was visibly impressed by Greenbury’s talent. The frontman’s reaction, captured in the video below, added a humorous touch to the evening, as he praised Greenbury’s drumming with a mix of surprise and admiration.

The spontaneous collaboration turned out to be a highlight of the concert, demonstrating the unexpected magic that can happen when artists connect with their fans.

Watch the video below to see the Foo Fighters jam with fan Richard Greenbury in Croatia.