Jordan Watson: The Innovative Dad from New Zealand

A New Approach to Parenting Advice
Jordan Watson, hailing from New Zealand, has gained widespread fame for his unique and simple yet ingenious videos on parenting. With a practical approach, involving minimal words and more action, Watson’s videos offer guidance on handling children, with his daughters often featuring as assistants. His first video on how to hold a baby quickly went viral, earning hundreds of thousands of views and even landing him an appearance on local TV.

The Accidental Video Blogger
Interestingly, Watson didn’t initially plan to create a parenting blog. His journey started with a video made for his girlfriend, who had just had a baby. In this video, he provided detailed instructions on managing baby-related anxieties – all this before he had children of his own. The video’s popularity led Watson to continue creating content, especially after the birth of his daughters, who became part of his practical demonstrations.

Spreading Parental Wisdom
Watson’s videos, ranging from teaching his four-year-old daughter to sing to bathing a child in the kitchen sink, are filled with charm and humor. His channel, “How to Dad” on YouTube, and the similarly named Facebook page, have become go-to resources for parents. His videos typically gain more views on Facebook than YouTube, with some exceeding a million views.

A Role Model for Fun Parenting
Jordan Watson sets a great example of how fathers can actively participate in childcare. His advice not only makes parenting enjoyable but also demonstrates that education can be fun for both parents and children.

Discover Jordan Watson’s delightful approach to parenting. Watch his videos for a mix of practical advice and heartwarming moments with his daughters. Check out his most popular content and see why he’s a favorite among parents.