Remember Monday: The Evolution of a British Country Pop Trio

From Houston to Remember Monday: A Musical Journey

Initially known as Houston, the vocal trio of Lauren Byrne, Holly-Anne Hull, and Charlotte Steele discovered the need for a unique identity as their popularity surged. Unaware of the commonality of their initial name choice, the British country-pop group transitioned to Remember Monday, a name inspired by their tradition since sixth form of dedicating Mondays to their friendship and music. They marked their new beginning with the release of their first single in 2018.

Viral Sensations: From TikTok to Brian May’s Approval

During the pandemic, Remember Monday captivated audiences with TikTok videos of their performances in car parks, including a cover of “Fat Bottom Girls.” A brief 20-second rendition unexpectedly went viral, leading to a demand for a full-length version. Even Brian May of Queen shared their video on Instagram, a nod that propelled the trio to produce a full cover, amassing nearly 1.3M views on YouTube and 3.6M on TikTok.

Original Music and The Voice UK Success

Despite their viral cover success, Remember Monday primarily focuses on original music. Their participation in The Voice UK 2019, reaching the quarter-finals with their original song “Jailbreaker,” showcased their commitment to their artistry. Their debut EP “Hysterical Women,” featuring “Nothing Nice To Say,” was released in February 2023, further establishing their unique sound within the country-pop genre.

Discover the unique blend of country-pop by Remember Monday and explore their musical journey. Watch the video below to experience their captivating sound and storytelling.