This is Santiago, Chile-born Miguel Montalban, a talented guitarist. Miguel has been hailed as “One of the greatest young guitarists around” and is also a composer and songwriter.

Miguel was busking in Oxford Circus, London. He was performing right outside the subway entrance when he gave a remarkable fingerstyle rendition of “Sultans of Swing” that stopped traffic entirely. His captivating street performance was captured on camera by a bystander, who then posted it to YouTube. The nine and a half-minute video of this young guitar prodigy went viral right once, leaving guitarists around the world in amazement. Look below:

Miguel’s incredible guitar solos are what made him most famous. He has several popular videos on his YouTube account, which has more than 107k subscribers. Miguel performs the lead to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” one of the best rock songs ever, in the video below. His incredible talents are on display in this live street performance video.

The documentary showcases Beethoven’s Ninth performance in Japan during World War One, where over 80 prisoners mastered the piece. The tradition continues during the pandemic with virtual concerts in 2020 and 2021.

After receiving brilliant comments from industry professionals, and having some of the largest brands in the industry trying to align themselves with his talents, Miguel has continued to build a successful music career playing the electric guitar. I’m sure we will see much more from this talented musician in the future.