Eva Jumatate’s Stunning Performance on Swedish Talent Show Talang

In 2019, a remarkable young talent, Eva Jumatate, took the stage on Sweden’s popular talent show, Talang, the Swedish version of the global Got Talent franchise. At just ten years old, the Swedish-born child of Romanian descent captivated the audience with her flawless rendition of “Never Enough” from the hit 2017 movie, The Greatest Showman. Her performance quickly went viral, amassing over ten million views on YouTube.

From her first note, Jumatate’s exceptional talent was evident, drawing cheers from the audience and leaving the judges in awe. By the song’s conclusion, all the judges were on their feet, delivering a standing ovation to the young star. Judge Alexander Bard expressed his disbelief at her skill, remarking, “A ten-year-old shouldn’t be able to do this,” and eagerly passed her to the next round.

The highlight of the evening was when Judge Bianca Ingrosso, overwhelmed by Jumatate’s performance, hit the Golden Buzzer. Ingrosso praised the act as possibly “the best performance [she had] ever seen.” This sent Jumatate directly to the finals, a moment celebrated with cheers and hugs from her elated family waiting offstage.

Watch the video below to see Eva Jumatate’s breathtaking performance that earned her a spot in the finals with the press of the Golden Buzzer.