The winner of the 2024 Eurovision song contest is Switzerland. After a close race, Nemo’s dark and strange song “The Code,” which had been a fan favorite leading up to Eurovision 2024, won, barely beating Croatia’s “Baby Lasagne.”

With a midnight dance pop vibe, “The Code” mixes divine, quirky cinematography with otherworldly high notes and rough rap parts that serve Eminem’s edge of lyrical terror. If you’re in the United States, scroll down to see a version that isn’t blocked there.

Unfortunately, Eurovision doesn’t let people in the US watch the event on YouTube because of licensing issues. You can watch a different performance of Nemo’s Eurovision-winning song below if you are in the United States. The performance is very close.

Baby Lasagne, Croatia’s most famous band, plays an unexpectedly harsh and silly kind of industrial rock-pop. Their Eurovision song, “Rim Tim Tagi Dim,” had crazy English and Armenian lyrics with silly hooks made from nonsense rap and nu-metal, and it had a music video with lots of cats. But “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” had a fascinating lyrical look into the plight of young people in Croatia who leave their country to find a better life elsewhere.

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest had a mix of dark and flashy pop songs, as well as some of the most heartfelt tunes you can imagine. Some of this year’s artists took strange and new cultural elements from their own countries (check out Estonia’s entry track!), while others embodied the grandeur of Western pop fame in all its golden glory. However, out of the 26 acts that played in the grand final in Sweden’s Malmö Arena, five were simply must-sees.

“The Code,” Nemo’s dark and strange song, has been a fan favorite all the way up to Eurovision 2024. With a midnight dance pop vibe, “The Code” mixes divine, quirky cinematography with otherworldly high notes and rough rap parts that serve Eminem’s edge of lyrical terror.

Fans of TV shows may already know Nemo from his time on Switzerland’s “The Masked Singer” in 2021 and 2022. Neo Mettler is a 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer who was born in Biel/Bienne, a city that speaks both French and German. On the Eurovision stage, Nemo not only sang for Switzerland, but also for his non-binary group. The original music video for “The Code” was full of dresses and androgynous etherealism without fear.

The performer and artist Baby Lasagna, whose real name is Marko Purišić and was born in Umag, Croatia, is one of the most exciting acts in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. He is crazy and flashy in a way that is completely hypnotic.

Some of the 2024 Eurovision entrants sang songs with Americanized polish, but Angelina Mango’s high-energy entry, “La Noia,” was full of tantalizing European harmonies and was shockingly catchy and addictively unique.

The song by Angelina Mango, who is from Basilicata, Italy, had already reached #4 on the Italian music charts. The singer’s most recent EP, “Voglia di vivere,” also reached #2 on the Italian album charts. Angelina was one of the most talented singers at Eurovision. Her voice, beat, and the disturbing spider-leg hairstyle in the music video for “La Noia” all made her act unforgettable.

“Doomsday Blue,” Bambi Thug’s Eurovision entry, mixed disturbing princess dreams into their horror movie soundscape. The song went from industrial goth rock to pop and included Billie Eilish frequencies. This is the best track for mixing styles; it sounds like old-school jazz, black metal, bubblegum pop, and screamo all at the same time.

Bambi Thug’s 31-year-old non-binary singer-songwriter, Bambi Ray Robinson, calls their unique sound “ouija-pop.” It’s full of witchcraft, occultism, and terrifying, claw-biting demons. Bambi is an Irish band that was born in Cork and now lives in London. They have released three EPs so far and have a huge Spotify fan base.