A Surprise Duet: English Busker and Jimmy Somerville

An English street musician experienced an unforgettable moment when Jimmy Somerville, the renowned pop star, unexpectedly joined him for a spontaneous rendition of “Smalltown Boy.” The busker was performing the song with his acoustic guitar and baritone vocals when Somerville casually walked by with his dog and began singing in his signature countertenor voice.

The busker, taken aback by Somerville’s sudden appearance, quickly restarted the chorus to harmonize with the pop icon. Despite being 52 years old at the time, Somerville effortlessly delivered the vocal hook, showcasing his enduring talent.

The pair’s vocals blended seamlessly, reminiscent of the original song’s mix of high and low vocals. After their impromptu performance, Somerville commended the busker with a “well done,” and the busker expressed his gratitude, still in disbelief, confirming once more if it was indeed Somerville himself.

Watch the video below to witness the magical encounter between the English busker and Jimmy Somerville.