Ed Sheeran’s Heartwarming Subway Surprise for Singer Mike Yung

In a touching moment captured on video, renowned musician Ed Sheeran gave subway singer Mike Yung an unforgettable surprise. Mike, who gained recognition through America’s Got Talent and social media, was performing in Brooklyn’s Church Avenue subway station.

An Unexpected Duet in the Subway

Ed Sheeran, at 32, chose a Monday to astonish Mike Yung while he was filming a cover of Sheeran’s latest song, “Eyes Closed.” Mike, known for his rendition of Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” in the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent, was thrilled to perform alongside his favorite artist in the very place where he started his musical journey. The duo’s rendition of “Eyes Closed” followed this serendipitous meeting.

A Special Gift from Sheeran to Yung

Adding to the surprise, Sheeran gifted Yung tickets to his performance at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. This show was notable as Sheeran performed his latest album, “Subtract,” in full for the first time in America.

Watch the video below to see Ed Sheeran’s sweet surprise for Mike Yung, leading to an amazing subway duet and a heartwarming gesture of support.