Ed Sheeran’s Intimate Berlin Concert: A Journey from Melancholy to Celebration

On April 17, 2023, Ed Sheeran brought his musical charm to Berlin’s Admiralspalast, a venue significantly smaller than his usual stadium concerts. With a capacity of 1,500, Admiralspalast offered a rare, intimate experience for Sheeran’s fans, contrasting the vast audiences he typically entertains, as noted by Berliner Zeitung.

Subtract: A Deep Dive into New Sounds

Sheeran’s Berlin performance focused on his latest album, “Subtract,” captivating the audience with its new tunes and themes. Radio Hamburg highlighted the initial somber atmosphere, as listeners deeply engaged with the emotional depth of “Subtract.”

From Solemnity to Celebration

Breaking the initial solemn mood, Sheeran reportedly encouraged the crowd, saying, “Now it’s enough being sad, let’s party.” His shift in tone was evident as the evening progressed, with “Afterglow” being particularly well-received, as all reports indicated.

A Unique Connection with Fans

In a surprising and delightful twist, Sheeran turned off all electronics and microphones due to the venue’s 10pm curfew, opting for an unplugged, unscripted performance. This move allowed for an authentic, untimed musical experience. The highlight came when Sheeran mingled with fans in the audience, delivering acoustic renditions of hits like “Perfect” and “A Team.”

For an immersive look at this extraordinary event, watch the video below.