Heartwarming Moment: 10-Year-Old Rafa Performs with Ed Sheeran for Grandad Norman

Listeners of Heart FM and host Amanda Holden were moved by the touching story of 10-year-old Rafa, who learned to play Ed Sheeran’s songs to entertain his grandad Norman during lockdown. The video of Rafa’s performance with his hero Ed Sheeran is a must-watch, so have a tissue ready for this emotional moment.

Norman, who was diagnosed with cancer, found solace in Rafa’s Zoom calls, where the young boy would sing to him. Rafa’s dedication to lifting his grandad’s spirits showcases the deep bond within this special family.

Rafa and Norman shared their heartwarming story on the radio show, highlighting the importance of staying connected during challenging times. Norman expressed how vital his grandchildren are to him, stating, “My grandchildren mean so much to me, they’re a major part of my life, so to have communication from them is so lovely.”

Watch the video below to witness Rafa’s sweet performance with Ed Sheeran and the touching interaction with his grandad Norman.