Unlikely Duet in a Georgia Walmart Goes Viral

A chance encounter in a Walmart in Alpharetta, Georgia, has captured the hearts of millions online. In the video, Cassandra Turner Nelson is browsing the canned vegetable section when Donnell Cross approaches her and inquires if she knows the song “If This World Were Mine.” Nelson confirms she does, and Cross begins to sing. Nelson joins in about 50 seconds into the video, showcasing their impressive vocal talents.

Initially, the scene raises questions about the likelihood of a random shopper knowing and singing this Ashford and Simpson song, famously performed by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. The authenticity of the video might be doubted, especially when Cross prompts with “Again?” at the start.

However, the backstory confirms the authenticity of this viral moment. Nelson was listening to the song on her headphones and humming along when Cross, slightly inebriated and grabbing lunch with his friend Craig, overheard her. Spontaneously, Cross decided to sing with her and asked Craig to record the moment. Craig struggled with the camera app, leading to Cross’s “Again?” as the recording started.

Nelson, a 50-year-old daughter of gospel singer and preacher Norris Turner, and Cross, a talented singer himself, created an impromptu performance that has since become an internet sensation.

Watch the video below to witness the unexpected and heartwarming duet between Cassandra Turner Nelson and Donnell Cross in a Georgia Walmart.