No two bands are more different than Simon and Garfunkel and Disturbed. Disturbed covering The Sound of Silence surprised me. Why the style change?

In an interview, Disturbed frontman David Draiman said the band never planned covers. They only discussed covers when they were in the studio making an album. Sound Of Silence performed live in a studio is below.

Mike Wengren, their drummer, suggested covering the song when they started writing Immortalized. He remembered it since he played it at home while doing chores with his family. Disturbed makes raw, violent music. Guitarist Dan Donegan wanted the band to use softer, more melodic music for this cover.

Listening to the band’s songs, you may not realize that lead singer David sings this way naturally. David studied cantorship as a child. A Jewish congregation’s singer leads prayers. It takes a lot of expertise, but David was able to connect with his history and showcase this type of singing.

Immortalized topped US, Canadian, and Australian charts in August 2015, with their December single, Sound of Silence, reaching number one. David received a surprise email from Paul Simon’s manager, expressing his powerful performance on Conan O’Brien. He was thrilled and took a lap of honor, showing the email to everyone while preparing for a live act.