Country singer David Allan Coe released Tennessee Whiskey in 1981. The song gained popularity after Chris Stapleton covered it in R&B on his debut album, Traveller (2015). Country Thang Daily reports that this started a social-media trend of covering Stapleton’s rendition over backing recordings.

The 2017 Home Depot carpark cover of Kris Jones singing Tennessee Whiskey is the most popular. Dayla, his daughter, requested the song to demonstrate his singing skills to her friends. Country Music Family believes the video had 70 million social media views in 14 months.

Kris Jones’ Tennessee Whiskey video, featuring Dayla Jones’ expressive performance, captures the love story between a father and daughter. The video, shared on Facebook, gained attention from Ellen DeGeneres, who invited the couple to appear on her show, The Ellen Show. Jones’ 2018 EP, featuring a timeless Chris Stapleton tune, sparked a viral internet frenzy.