The X Factor gives hundreds of outstanding singers a chance to succeed. The upside. The negative is that you just get one shot and are done if you miss. Luckily, bright Galway adolescent Brendan Murray avoided that.

The UK X Factor featured him in 2018. He had great talent and seemed hopeful. Simon stopped him fast, and his face showed his sadness. Then something amazing happened.

Simon said Brendan’s voice didn’t match his music choice, therefore he couldn’t fit him in. Brendan appeared depressed after losing his big break. However, Simon saved him. He urged Brendan to go backstage and Simon would choose a song for his voice. Kate Bush sang “This Woman’s Work”.

Brendan was given a few hours to learn the song because he didn’t. When Brendan returned to the stage, his face showed apprehension. He presumably practiced his original tune for weeks. He started singing and botched it. Simon gave him a drink of water and ordered him to leave in a rare act of generosity. Next, he cautioned Brendan that missing the big note would be disastrous.