Collabro’s Stunning Les Misérables Performance on Britain’s Got Talent

In a 2014 episode of Britain’s Got Talent, a group named Collabro, comprising Michael Auger, Jamie Lambert, Matthew Pagan, Thomas J. Redgrave, and Richard Hadfield, chose to perform “Stars” from Les Misérables. Despite their short one-month formation period, the band was set to impress.

Judges’ Skepticism Turns to Surprise

The judges, including Alesha Dixon, David Walliams, Amanda Holden, and Simon Cowell, initially seemed skeptical when they learned about the group’s brief history. However, their expectations were soon turned on their head. Matthew’s response to Alesha’s query about their confidence, citing their “natural chemistry,” set the stage for their performance.

A Performance That Captured Hearts

As Richard began the song with his soothing, rich voice, it was clear that something special was unfolding. Each member of Collabro contributed their unique musical and vocal talents, performing with a synergy as if they had been together for years. Their rendition was so impactful that it earned a standing ovation and enthusiastic applause from both the judges and audience.

Amanda Holden’s Emotional Reaction

The performance concluded with an emotional revelation from Amanda Holden, who shared that her tears were due to the pride she felt for the band. She commended them as “bloody brilliant,” a sentiment that resonated with everyone present.

Watch the video below to experience Collabro’s breathtaking performance on Britain’s Got Talent, a rendition that transcended all expectations.