Coldplay’s Chris Martin Rocks with A-Side for a Cause

A Musical Surprise for Pediatric Cancer Research

On April 24, 2016, Coldplay’s Chris Martin made a memorable appearance with A-side, an 8th-grade band, during a fundraiser in Santa Monica, California. The event supported Chords2Cure, a nonprofit organization initiated by students at Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences, aimed at funding pediatric cancer research through music. This noble cause was inspired by the diagnosis of liver cancer in a student, Jaxon Blumenthal.

A Debut Performance with Coldplay Hits

The audience was treated to an unexpected collaboration between Martin and the young band, kicking off with Coldplay classics “Fix You” and “Twisted Logic.” Martin shared that “Twisted Logic” had never been performed live by Coldplay due to its complex transition from studio to stage. However, he praised A-side for mastering the rendition, marking the live debut of the song, a decade after its release.

A Tribute to Prince Cut Short

While the performance included a heartfelt tribute to Prince with a cover of “Raspberry Beret,” following the artist’s passing on April 21, 2016, copyright issues led to the removal of this segment from online platforms. This action reflects broader challenges faced by artists in honoring Prince’s legacy, as noted by a Billboard article highlighting similar tributes by renowned musicians.

Recognition of Young Talent

The collaboration not only showcased Martin’s support for a charitable cause but also highlighted the exceptional talent of the A-side band members. Their skillful execution of both Coldplay’s repertoire and the tribute to Prince garnered praise from viewers and musicians alike, emphasizing the potential future success of these young artists.

Discover the unique collaboration between Chris Martin and A-side, and witness their contribution to pediatric cancer research. Watch the video below for a glimpse into this special performance that combines music, charity, and tribute to legends.