Flakefleet Primary School Choir’s Heartwarming Performance on Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent has a knack for tugging at our heartstrings, and the Flakefleet Primary School choir from Lancashire did just that. Under the leadership of headteacher Dave McPartlin, the choir graced the stage in vibrant costumes, signaling a treat for the judges.

Seven-year-old choir member Megan expressed her love for singing as the reason for their appearance, while Mr. McPartlin humorously noted that while some members are great singers, others are simply enthusiastic. Their rendition of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” was a delightful spectacle, complete with colorful costumes, props, and oversized masks of the judges’ faces.

The performance was met with a standing ovation from the judges and audience alike. Alesha Dixon praised it as “absolute chaos and a joy to watch,” while Simon Cowell remarked, “This to me is what Britain’s Got Talent is all about.”

Watch the video below to witness the heartwarming and chaotic performance of Flakefleet Primary School choir on Britain’s Got Talent.