Celine Dion and The Bee Gees: The Creation of “Immortality”

Celine Dion, born in Charlemagne, Canada in 1968, is renowned as one of the most famous Canadian singers globally. The Bee Gees, a band formed in 1958 by brothers Maurice, Robin, and Barry Gibb, were celebrated for their songwriting and composing talents. They wrote and produced music for various artists, including Dion.

The Bee Gees composed the song “Immortality” specifically for Celine Dion, which became a top ten hit in Europe upon its release as a single in 1998. In the UK, it reached the fifth position on the charts. The creation of “Immortality” had its challenges; Barry and Maurice Gibb took a break from composing before returning to the studio and completing it in just a few minutes.

“Immortality” was recorded for Dion’s album “Let’s Talk About Love,” released in 1997, with the Gibb brothers providing backing vocals.

Watch the video below to experience the collaboration between Celine Dion and The Bee Gees on “Immortality.”