Celine Dion’s Virtual Duet with Elvis Presley on American Idol

American Idol stunned viewers with a spectacular duet featuring Celine Dion and the legendary Elvis Presley. In 2007, 30 years after his death, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll made a virtual comeback, performing alongside Dion thanks to advanced hologram technology. They performed Presley’s 1968 hit “If I Can Dream.”

The duet began with Presley’s iconic voice leading the song, followed by a seamless exchange of lines between him and Dion. Their voices harmonized beautifully in the chorus, with Dion’s soaring mezzo-soprano complementing Presley’s rich baritone. This performance showcased Presley’s timeless stage presence and charisma, bringing his magic into the 21st century.

The performance was a sensation on YouTube, attracting 26 million views. The hologram of Presley was remarkably realistic, with close-up shots taken from his original 1968 performance. An Elvis impersonator helped complete the performance with wide shots. Dion’s segments were filmed five times from different angles, allowing for a flawless final cut.

Disney digital media designer Joe Husung explained the technology behind the duet: “Rotoscoping allows you to take one image from a pre-existing piece of video and put it in a whole new environment – a completely new use of that same piece of video.” This innovative technique enabled the stunning collaboration, blending past and present seamlessly.

You can watch Presley’s original performance of “If I Can Dream” from his iconic ’68 Comeback Special below, a performance that revitalized his recording career after a seven-year focus on films.

Watch the video below to see this incredible performance.