Carrie Underwood pranked Nashville fans with a funny boot store undercover singing session. As she observed them on camera, Underwood sang about them, surprising consumers in the country music capital of the world. After some belly chuckles, she revealed herself.

The video was shot for Jimmy Kimmel Live before Underwood hosted the Country Music Awards. Her first portion involves serenading three women in the Nashville Cowboy store after the shop worker tells her their names and origins. After realizing something is up, the women laugh before Underwood leaves and one says “no way!” Watch the segment below.

The lady almost recoils as Underwood walks up, but she asks if it’s him and they hug. The excited woman tells the singer, “you made my trip – this is so exciting!” John and his girlfriend shop next, and things become wild.

Underwood sings to John and offers his boots for free if he shakes his “derriere”. John, a non-conformist, dances a little and then spins the boots above his head and grooves after some encouragement. He acquired the pair with his dance moves. Underwood is a regular on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she performed “Love Wins” (see below).