Few people have met their idols. Some fans receive the golden ticket backstage or work through the crowd for a handshake and picture. These are special moments. One fan got to perform with Michael Bublé in a packed arena, a fantasy for many.

In 2019, sixth-grade teacher Mrs. Diana Fairbanks performed it at Michael Bublé’s Oracle Arena engagement in Oakland. In this beautiful moment, Fairbanks looks unaffected by the crowds as Bublé accepts her duet request. They then perform Disney’s “A Whole New World” in a beautiful duet.

Bublé initially assumes Fairbanks, who is holding a banner, is trying to get his attention and show her love (as most fans would if they were so close). He was thrilled to locate the other side of the sign and requested a duet with the legendary Canadian vocalist. The crowd missed a great moment.

The crowd cheered when he accepted her offer, and Fairbanks’ magnificent voice was immediately noticeable. Although famous, Bublé stumbles over his words during the duet in this footage. Still, he plays well with Fairbanks, who matched Bublé toward the end. They even glance at each other for confidence while choosing a pitch.