The release of the Deluxe edition of The Bocelli Family Christmas Album is an exciting update for fans of Andrea Bocelli and his family’s enchanting music. This expanded version of the album brings a fresh array of songs and collaborations, perfect for enhancing the festive spirit.

Exclusive YouTube Release

The release of “Holy Night (The Chosen performance)” by Andrea and Matteo Bocelli on YouTube adds an exclusive element to the Bocellis’ Christmas offerings. This track, not available on the album, is a special gift to fans, reflecting the family’s dedication to spreading joy through their music.

A Family Affair

The involvement of Andrea Bocelli’s family, including his son Matteo, in these Christmas songs creates a heartwarming and personal touch. Their collaborations bring a sense of familial warmth and unity, which is particularly poignant during the holiday season.

Celebrating the Holiday Spirit

The Bocelli Family Christmas Album, particularly the Deluxe edition with its new tracks and collaborations, is a celebration of the holiday spirit. It blends the magic of Christmas with the exceptional talent of the Bocelli family, offering a musical experience that is both comforting and uplifting.

Watch the video below.