Paul Barton: A Pianist’s Unique Audience in Thailand’s Jungles

From Yorkshire to Thailand’s Jungles
Paul Barton, a talented pianist originally from Yorkshire, made a life-changing decision to leave behind the dales and concert halls. He embarked on a unique journey to Thailand, where he found an extraordinary audience: blind and handicapped elephants.

A Soulful Serenade for a Special Elephant
In an emotionally stirring video, Barton is seen performing Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” for a remarkable listener — an 80-year-old blind elephant. His performance is not only touching but also profoundly impactful, capable of bringing tears to the eyes of those who watch it.

Experience the heartwarming and soulful performance of Paul Barton as he plays for an elderly elephant in the serene setting of Thailand’s jungle.

Watch the video below to witness this poignant interaction between a musician and one of nature’s gentle giants.