Nic Collins: Carrying the Rhythmic Legacy

A Drummer’s Journey from Childhood

Nic Collins, the progeny of the legendary drummer Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey, naturally gravitated towards drumming at a very young age, beginning his journey when he was merely two or three years old. His inheritance of the drumming gene from one of the world’s most renowned drummers seemed almost predestined.

Stepping Up in Times of Need

In 2009, at eight years old, Nic witnessed his father facing health challenges that impeded his ability to play drums. Phil Collins’ struggles with a nerve issue and subsequent back problems, leading to “drop foot,” made it difficult for him to perform. It was during this time that Nic stepped up, not only filling in as the drummer for his father but also joining the iconic band Genesis. His musical journey continued as he went on to tour with Mike & the Mechanics.

Earning Acclaim for His Talent

Nic’s drumming is characterized by its vigor and clarity of sound. Leland Skar, a renowned American bassist who played with Nic on the “Not Dead Yet Tour,” praised his abilities. Skar remarked on Nic’s innate musical gift and his impressive growth throughout the tour, applauding him as both a remarkable musician and a genuinely great person.

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