Many X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent participants live normal lives and work in industries where many talents go undiscovered. They can amaze us with their talent and motivate others to pursue their aspirations instead of careers.

The 2020 Britain’s Got Talent contestant Beth Porch did that with a spectacular audition. Children’s nurse Beth Porch was quickly respected by the public and judges. See her amazing rendition of her original song below:

Nurse and musician Beth Porch excels. She tells Amanda Holden and the audience that she carries her guitar to work and offers patients to practice with her before her performance. Everyone in the room loved her performances, which patients requested.

Many great artists, entertainers, and musicians began in healthcare. This may seem odd, yet both crafts require dedication and humility. The famous country singer Naomi Judd and Barnes-Jewish Hospital nurse’s assistant Tina Turner worked there: