Belinda Davids, a South African singer, made a significant impact on Britain’s Got Talent by performing as a cover of Whitney Houston. Despite feeling nervous, Davids entered the stage with grace and friendliness, introducing herself as a Whitney Houston cover singer. Simon Cowell mentioned the difficulty of performing Houston’s songs, but Davids responded that she was doing it for her children. She performed one of the best performances on the competition, showcasing her dominating yet graceful vocal performance and holding the crowd in her palms.

After an impressive audition performance, Davids competed in the later stages of the competition, focusing on mimicking Houston’s vocal range. She reached the semi-final with another Whitney Houston hit, “I Have Nothing,” but was noted for focusing too much on being Houston instead of her personality. Before appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, Davids had released several songs and two full records, including a self-titled album in 1996 and a country record in 2019.

Since her performance on Britain’s Got Talent, Davids has continued her dream of becoming a worldwide star. She embarked on a worldwide tour in honor of Whitney Houston in 2022 and 2023, showcasing her uncanny ability to replicate the late great singer’s vocal talent. Despite her failed records and persistence in ‘being’ Whitney Houston, Davids has an impressive talent that deserves to flourish. She continues to participate in talent shows and make music whenever possible, hoping to continue experiencing success and reaching her dreams. Watch her performance below.