The Bee Gees promoted One Night Only on Des O’Connor’s Tonight Show in 1998. How Deep is Your Love? was the Gibbs brothers’ highlight of their 20-minute segment. On the entire show video, Barry is ready to pluck his guitar when he suggests an acapella version.

As usual, Barry sings the first verse alone. Barry has perfect timing and pitch, but the beauty happens when Maurice and Robin’s deeper voices harmonize with his smooth falsetto. In the video below, their sibling closeness and lengthy history of singing together make for a beautiful rendition of the famous ballad.

O’Connor’s enthusiastic singing is a highlight of the video. Someone unaware might believe this was the height of presumption. Singer Des O’Connor often sung with Tonight guests. He covered How Deep is Your Love? on his 1989 Lovin’ Feeling album and begged the brothers to start the “one I sang” on the show, vowing to “jump in” once it started. He sings quietly.

The Gibbs brothers’ ease with Des O’Connor contrasts with their 1997 Clive Anderson All Talk performance. Anderson nags them from the start. He compared Barry’s falsetto to Mickey Mouse’s and believed tight jeans caused it. Several minutes later, he joked that naming the Bee Gees hit writers was “one letter shy”. Barry led his brother off halfway through the interview, as seen below.