The Barcelona Guitar Trio’s Unique Interpretation of “Billie Jean”

A Spectacular Guitar Collaboration

If you’ve never experienced the spectacle of four musicians playing a single guitar, then the Barcelona Guitar Trio’s rendition of “Billie Jean” is a performance you shouldn’t miss. Captured during their Tribute to Paco Lucia show, their interpretation of this classic is nothing short of breathtaking.

The Ensemble Behind the Performance

The Barcelona Guitar Trio consists of three accomplished Spanish guitarists: Xavier Coll, Luis Robisco, and Manuel González. To add rhythm to their version of “Billie Jean,” they collaborated with their percussionist friend, Paquito Escudero. The combination of their talents resulted in a mesmerizing and successful musical endeavor.

A Fresh Take on a Familiar Tune

Their performance invites listeners to engage with “Billie Jean,” one of Michael Jackson’s most famous songs, in a new way. Despite its frequent radio play, their rendition demands attention, offering a fresh perspective on a well-known melody.

A Visual and Auditory Illusion

With closed eyes, one might imagine multiple guitars at play, given the complexity of the music. However, upon viewing, it’s a surprising scene: like a musical octopus, the musicians jointly play a single guitar, creating a multi-layered and intricate sound that captivates and holds the viewer’s attention.

Experience the Barcelona Guitar Trio’s extraordinary performance of “Billie Jean,” a blend of skill and creativity. Watch the video below to see how these talented musicians bring a new dimension to a classic song with their innovative approach.