Barbra Streisand and Michael Bublé’s Enchanting Duet of “It Had To Be You”

Barbra Streisand, known for her angelic voice, teamed up with the talented Michael Bublé for a mesmerizing duet of the classic “It Had To Be You.” Recorded live with a full orchestra, the video showcasing their collaboration captivates as much as their harmonious performance.

The recording session begins with the orchestra’s conductor announcing the duo’s collaboration, setting an excited tone. Upon arrival, Bublé lightens the mood with a humorous remark about the session’s cost, to which Streisand and the studio burst into laughter, easing any nerves.

Streisand shares that she envisioned the duet to start as a ballad and then transition into a big band style, perfectly blending their individual musical strengths. The live recording with an orchestra adds a special touch, with both singers expressing their joy in working with such a dynamic setup. Streisand remarks on her long-standing practice of recording with orchestras, finding inspiration in the moment.

Bublé reflects on the honor of singing with Streisand and the pressure to meet her high standards. He praises her ability to embody the characters in her songs, highlighting her skills as both a singer and an actress. The mutual admiration between the two artists is evident in their delightful rendition of “It Had To Be You.”

Watch the video below to experience the magical duet between Barbra Streisand and Michael Bublé.