Holland’s Martin Hurkens is a talented opera singer. Martin participated in the 2010 Dutch TV show “Holland’s Got Talent.” Despite his doubts, his daughter signed him up because she thought he had a strong chance of winning.

He gave it some thought before deciding to take part in what he now calls a “great program.” Martin was a jobless baker at the time who had just, without realizing it, started a voyage that would change his life.

Martin’s Journey

He was expected to have an amazing adventure and advance all the way to the final. Martin and the amazing dancing team Elastic Double faced off in the final. Martin was confused when his name was announced as the winner because, going into the show, he had very low hopes for himself!

You can see why he made it all the way through his videos. His delivery and vocal quality are superb. He had a ton of requests to perform at different events and venues after the show. The footage of Martin performing in the heart of Maastricht, The Netherlands, is seen here.

He sings “You Raise Me Up” in the video, which quickly went viral on social media. After the video went viral, Martin was able to travel to China, Taiwan, and Japan to perform and show off his amazing skills. The video of Martin Hurkens singing “Ave Maria” below is another one that has gone viral on YouTube and social media.