Annie and Lola Lennox: A Musical Legacy Continues

Annie Lennox’s Legacy and Lola’s Rising Star
Annie Lennox, a name synonymous with musical excellence, has passed on her legacy to her daughter, Lola Lennox Fruchtmann. Known professionally as Lola Lennox, she is a 32-year-old singer who honed her skills at London’s Royal Academy before launching her music career. Her journey began with the release of her debut single, “In the Wild,” in February 2020.

A Special Mother-Daughter Collaboration
In a memorable moment on 18 April 2020, Lola and Annie Lennox performed together for the Global Citizen’s “One World: Together At Home” concert, a Covid19 support event. They chose to sing the Eurythmics’ hit “There Must Be An Angel.” This collaboration was reprised on 1 December 2021 for the Mothers2Mothers HIV-support charity’s 20th-anniversary gala in London, where Annie Lennox serves as a patron.

Fortuitous Relocation to Los Angeles
In early 2020, Annie Lennox and her husband Mitch Besser moved to Los Angeles, coincidentally joining Lola and her sister, model Tali Lennox. This relocation proved opportune during the Covid19 restrictions, allowing the family to remain close. It also facilitated Lola and Annie’s joint performance at the Lady Gaga-coordinated concert and allowed Annie to executive produce Lola’s solo releases.

Lola Lennox’s Musical Influences
Lola Lennox draws inspiration from legendary singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, and Dusty Springfield, along with the profound influence of her mother, Annie Lennox.

Discover the musical synergy between Annie and Lola Lennox. Watch their captivating performances, where they bring a unique blend of legacy and innovation to the stage. Check out their performances in the video below.