Anne Reburn, an Oklahoma-born singer and YouTuber, has gained significant popularity with over 350,000 subscribers and more than 50 million views on her channel. Known for her remarkable vocal talent and innovative use of technology, Reburn has mastered the art of creating captivating music videos by harmonizing with her multiple recordings, effectively forming a one-woman vocal group.

A Modern Touch to Classics

Reburn’s most popular video, a cover of the 1954 song “Mr Sandman” originally recorded by Vaughn Monroe & his orchestra, stands as a testament to her ability to blend classic songs with a contemporary flair. Her rendition of this iconic song, which gained popularity from its inclusion in “Back to the Future,” has amassed over 9.5 million views on YouTube. Born in 1995, Reburn brings a fresh perspective to this classic, appealing to both older and newer generations.

YouTube Success and Creative Independence

Reburn turned to YouTube as a creative outlet when her “real job” didn’t fulfill her artistic aspirations. Her channel features a mix of original songs and covers, including hits like “How Deep is Your Love” by the Bee Gees and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” from The Lion King, the latter garnering over 6.5 million views. Her success on YouTube highlights the platform’s ability to empower independent artists like her to reach a global audience.

A True Independent Artist in Los Angeles

Now based in Los Angeles, Reburn exemplifies the modern musician, utilizing platforms like YouTube to independently release music and connect with fans worldwide. Her approach to music and distribution underscores the evolving landscape of the music industry, where artists have more control over their creative output and can engage with their audience without traditional barriers.

Watch the video below.