Meet Anke Chen: China’s Piano Prodigy

Anke Chen, affectionately known as ‘Encore Chen,’ is a young piano virtuoso from Tianjin, China, captivating global audiences with her remarkable talent. Born in 2011, Anke began her musical journey at the tender age of four, motivated by her father’s wish for her to learn piano. She dedicates four hours daily to practice, showcasing a discipline that belies her young age.

Anke’s skillful performances have earned her appearances on the TV show “Amazing Kids” and accolades from Chinese media, who have likened her to a “modern Mozart.” A particular video, which captured her playing piano at just five years old, highlights her extraordinary ability and natural flair for music.

Fans often note Anke’s joyful demeanor during performances, a testament to her genuine love for music. This sentiment was echoed on social media following one of her TV interviews, with fans commenting, “She absolutely loves what she is playing, and you can hear that in her music.”

Anke continues to share her musical journey with the world, regularly uploading new performances to her YouTube channel, much to the delight of her growing fanbase. Watch the video below to see Anke Chen’s stunning piano skills in action and experience the joy she brings to every note.