Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman’s Timeless Duet

The Birth of ‘Time To Say Goodbye’

In a serendipitous encounter, Sarah Brightman’s experience of hearing Andrea Bocelli sing “Con te partirò” in a restaurant led to an iconic musical collaboration. This meeting inspired them to re-record the song as “Time To Say Goodbye,” featuring the London Symphony Orchestra, transforming it into a mesmerizing duet.

Captivating Performances Captured on Video

Two videos highlight the evolution of this extraordinary duet. The first video is from a live performance at Teatro Del Silenzio in Italy in 2007. The second traces back to their original duet from 1996. Both videos showcase the exceptional vocal harmony and synergy between Brightman and Bocelli, making “Time To Say Goodbye” a sensational musical piece.

Experience the stunning vocal talents of Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman by watching their performance of “Time To Say Goodbye” in the video below.