The O’Donnells are a fantastic Australian family band, but 3-year-old Amy stole the show on The Voice, evoking awws. The seven-piece band’s vocals on Lady Gaga’s “Edge Of Glory” showed their talent beyond a cute toddler.

The judges were confused and knew something was awry when the audience responded to little Amy’s appearance with their backs to the stage. When the band played Lady Gaga in bluegrass, they understood the fuss. The family sang and played well. View the 3.1-million-view video below.

John Snr (59) and Wendy (57), their children John (28), Jacqui (27), Katelyn (23) and grandsons Johnny (8) and Amy (3) constitute the band. Seven relatives sang together, creating a powerful vocal line with wonderful harmonies. Four family members played banjo, bass, acoustic guitar, and mandolin in the tune.

Along with Katelyn and Wendy in the verse, Jacqui opened the event with a stunning lead vocal. Grandfather John played banjo skillfully, adding a lively melody to the folk arrangement. The video below shows the band playing Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” later in the season.