Adrian Mann’s Remarkable Journey with the Alexander Piano

Crafting a Unique Piano

Intrigued by the concept of bass strings in pianos, 15-year-old Adrian Mann embarked on an ambitious project in 2004. He was curious about the length required for bass strings without copper wire to produce the correct notes. His quest began in his backyard with piano wire stretched to about 22 feet, producing a surprisingly impressive sound. This discovery motivated him to construct a massive piano to accommodate this length while preserving the sound quality.

Overcoming Challenges to Build the Alexander Piano

Over the next five years, Adrian faced numerous challenges, requiring immense problem-solving skills and determination. By 2009, his efforts culminated in the completion of the Alexander Piano, measuring 18ft 9 inches and weighing over a metric ton. The piano, named after his great-great-grandfather, offers a richer and more resonant tone due to its extended string length.

A Legacy of Concerts and Restoration

Despite his hope for Sir Elton John to play the piano, contractual obligations with Yamaha made it impossible. Nonetheless, the Alexander Piano has been used by many accomplished musicians in various concerts. Adrian, now a piano restorer in Dunedin, brought his creation home in 2017. He continues to host concerts and play the piano himself, harboring ambitions to create another piano in the future.

Discover the deep, resonant sound of the Alexander Piano, a testament to Adrian Mann’s dedication and craftsmanship. Watch the video below to experience the unique music of this extraordinary instrument.