Moyun: Mastering AC/DC on the Guzheng

A Fusion of Rock and Tradition

Moyun, a talented YouTuber, has skillfully blended the worlds of classic rock and traditional Chinese music. Her rendition of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” on the guzheng, a classical Chinese stringed instrument, showcases her exceptional musical prowess. Based in Hong Kong, Moyun has amazed viewers by playing not only the rhythm and lead guitar parts but also simulating the vocals and drums on the guzheng.

Viral Success and Creative Brilliance

Her unique cover has garnered over 3.1 million views on her YouTube channel, 墨韵 Moyun Official, which boasts 276,000 subscribers. Moyun’s dynamic and innovative arrangement of the rock anthem demonstrates the versatility of the guzheng, fully utilizing the instrument to recreate the iconic sound of the song.

Diverse Musical Range and Unique Style

Moyun’s channel features a wide array of guzheng covers, with a special affinity for rock music. Her repertoire also includes pop, classical, soundtracks, hip hop, and Chinese music, attracting over 25 million views in total. Adding to her mystique, Moyun keeps her identity hidden, never showing her face in videos. She enhances the visual experience for her audience by donning various costumes, adding a theatrical element to her performances.

Witness Moyun’s extraordinary talent and the unique fusion of rock and traditional music by watching her performance in the video below.

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