AC/DC’s Electrifying “Thunderstruck” Performance at River Plate Stadium

AC/DC is a band that truly shines in live performances, and their rendition of “Thunderstruck” at River Plate Stadium in Argentina is a testament to their prowess. The live version surpasses their studio recording, showcasing the raw energy and talent of the band.

The iconic duo of Angus and Malcolm Young delivered exceptional guitar work, while the rest of the second classic lineup, including Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd, brought their A-game. Johnson, the charismatic frontman, stirred the audience into a frenzy, setting the stage for his powerful rock ‘n’ roll vocals.

The passion for hard rock in South America was evident in the crowd’s enthusiastic response, adding a special vibe to the already spectacular performance. Phil Rudd, behind the drum kit, provided a thunderous sound that elevated the live version above the original recording. It was interesting to hear Rudd’s groove on the track, as the original song was recorded with drummer Chris Slade during Rudd’s absence from the band.

Watch the video below to experience AC/DC’s unforgettable live performance of “Thunderstruck” at River Plate Stadium in Argentina.