Meet Olly: The Young Guitar Prodigy from Chester

A Musical Journey Begins

At just eight years old, Olly, a young busker from Chester, England, is capturing hearts with his guitar skills on the streets. Known as Guitar Olly on his YouTube channel, he showcases his talent, which began at the tender age of six under his grandad’s tutelage.

From Lockdown Performances to Street Busking

During lockdown, Olly played for his neighbors, lifting spirits with his music. This experience fueled his passion for the guitar, inspiring him to busk and hone his skills in front of live audiences. His goal? To become a professional guitarist.

A Growing Collection and a Bright Future

Despite being only nine, Olly boasts an impressive guitar collection, including a Gio Ibanez electric superstrat, a Vintage Les Paul Sunburst, and a Jose Ferrer acoustic, among others. His dedication to music sets him apart from his peers, who might be more focused on video games.

Discover the incredible talent of Olly, the young guitar prodigy from Chester, as he embarks on his musical journey. Watch his captivating performances on the streets and follow his journey to becoming a guitar expert. Watch the video below to see Olly in action.